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protect your
pup from the unexpected

Seat belts are second nature for humans, but what about our furry friends? Every time you drive with your dog, they should use a Bark Belt 

Watch the video to learn about Bark Belts!

Why Your Dog Will Love the Bark Belt Dog Seat Belt

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site-icons_Secure in Place.png
Free to Move_2x.png

Lots of Window Sniffs

Locks During Accidents

Allows them to Move

Limits Tangles

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Not All Dog Seat Belts Are Created Equal

Bark Belt
Leash Style
Loop Through
Limits Tangles
Easy to Use
Instant Locking
Manages Slack
Freedom of Movement

What are Bark Belts?

Bark Belts are revolutionary dog seat belts. They are a tool to protect your pup while you embark on adventures together. They are a safeguard and protection for unexpected accidents. Bark Belts offer freedom, security and peace of mind for you and your dogs! Adventures together start here!

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