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  • Is the Bark Belt crash tested?
    Yes, the Bark Belt has been crash tested... but there is important information that goes along with that you should read. Linked here. For secondary testing, the Bark Belt is strength tested by our manufacturer with forces similar to those used in human seat belt testing. We are diligently working on our testing framework and plans and hope to have our full certification soon!
  • What size dogs does this Bark Belt work for?
    The Bark Belt is designed for the most common dog types. We have two sizes, and medium and a large. Visit the Bark Belt 2.0 product page for a size guide. In terms of dog weight, the Bark Belt is designed to function for dogs anywhere from 20-90 pounds. Note: The largest dog we crash tested to was 75 pounds. However, the accident a crash test simulates is very rare and well beyond what a canine body can handle-driving 30MPH into a wall is often fatal to even humans. Click this link to learn more about Crash Testing
  • Does my dog have to wear a harness with the Bark Belt?
    YES. The Bark Belt must be attached to the back side of a dog harness. Please do not attach the bark belt to any other area of the harness besides the back.
  • Will the Bark Belt work with my vehicle?
    We cannot guarantee the Bark Belt will work with all car models, but the two systems we have in place are compatible with most vehicles. If you purchase the Bark Belt and it does not work with your vehicle, please contact us for a refund and to see if we can make a special order.
  • What if my dog does not like harnesses?
    We recommend starting positive reinforcement training with your dog ASAP. Specifically this training should be centered around getting your dog comfortable with their harness and wearing it. Here is a video we recommend to help with this training
  • Which states have laws against driving with an unrestrained dog?
    Within the past few years, many states have begun to pass laws against driving with an unrestrained dog in your car. Here is a website that tracks the states that currently have laws in place (scroll to the bottom). An unrestrained dog can be highly distracting for a car driver. According to a study by AAA, up to 30% of dog parents have reported being distracted by their dog while driving. In some cases your insurance company might even void your claim if your dog is unrestrained.
  • What is the maximum length of the Bark Belt?
    We have two sizes for Bark Belts; Medium and Large Medium = 32" or about 81cm Large = 40" or about 102cm
  • Can I still stick my head out the window?
    Yes! You should have no problem reaching the window and being able to enjoy all the fun smells and sounds during a car ride?
  • Will I still be able to jump out of the window to chase; my brother, sister, the mailman, a squirrel, a really good looking stick, a tennis ball, a cat, a person on a bike, or any other things that need my immediate attention?
    Unfortunately no, you won't be able to. The job of the Bark Belt is to keep you safe and inside the car! No worries though, I am sure your parents will take you somewhere you can play chase or fetch!
  • Can I still take naps with this thing on?
    You bet! The Bark Belt is the perfect length, so if you're a napper during long trips, you can still reach the console or curl up in the back seat. Nap away!
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