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- Crash tested

- Best for dogs 25-75lbs

- Only compatible with dog harnesses

- Works with most vehcile types

- Limited compatibilty with older vehicles (Circa 2005)

- Automatic Slack Management

- Self extension and retraction

- Patent Pending Technology


Note: Bark Belts cannot guarantee your pet will not be harmed while in use or in the event of an accident. Must be used with a harness, no dog collars


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  • Why use a Bark Belt?

    Bark Belts are revolutionary dog seat belts. They are a tool to protect your pup while you embark on adventures together. They are a safeguard and protection for unexpected accidents. Bark Belts offer freedom, security and peace of mind for you and your dogs! 


    Bark Belts secure your dog if there’s an accident, stop them from getting to the front seat keep them from jumping out. It's time to move on from the old "leash style" dog seat belts, upgrade to a Bark Belt dog seat belt.


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