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This harness is specifically designed to withstand greater forces and is extremely user friendly. This harness is designed to serve as an everyday walking harness and a reinforced vehicle harness.


The Bark Belt EZ Fit harness has reinforced features to help keep your dog secured while in the car. The EZ Fit harness has steel quick-release buckles and loops, extra webbing and a triple stitched rip-stop handle specifically designed to work with the Bark Belt.


Although we prefer you use our reinforced harness, a crash tested harness will work with the Bark Belt.


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  • Details

    - Triple Stitched Rip-Stop Handle

    - Steel Quick-Release Buckles

    - Steel Size Adjustment Loops

    - Four-Point Adjustment

    - Chest/Back Leash Loops

    - Reflective Webbing

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