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STOP Using These Dangerous Dog "Seat Belts"

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Stop using leash-style dog seat belts.

What makes human seat belts safe? They stop our bodies from moving.

If we are driving and get into an accident or rapidly decelerate, our seat belt is going to secure us in our seat. This locking mechanism prevents our bodies from flying forward, colliding with other parts of the car or ejecting out of the car.

Leash style seat belts do not have this locking mechanism, which means they are lacking true protection capabilities.

Without a proper locking mechanism the potential for injury is increased through many avenues:

  1. Whiplash

  2. Colliding with the seat

  3. Breaking the leash and colliding with inside of the car

No seat belt allows us free movement AFTER an accident takes place. It would be counterintuitive to what a seat belt is designed to do.

Please, if you are looking for a safe and reliable dog seat belt for your car, please make sure it has a locking mechanism.

If you know someone who uses the leash-style seat belt, please send them this blog. We need your help in getting them off the roads.

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